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Highway Detailed Design Services

Anyroad Engineering LLC offers a full range of Road Detailed Design Services.The level of services we offer range from the provision of preliminary design advice, through the detailed design process to the preparation of construction drawings, construction documents, etc.

Design of roads

Design of motorways, roads of all categories and city streets is carried out in accordance with ShNK 2.05.02 – 07«Roads» and ShNK2.07.01-03* «Planning and development of urban and rural settlements».

The following is developed at the stage of design documentation:

  • Explanatory note
  • Variants of road routes
  • Road plan
  • Longitudinal profile
  • Typical cross profiles of road bed and pavement
  • Design calculation of pavement
  • Pavement plan
  • Summary sheets of junctions and crossing, pipes, turn angles, etc.
  • Sheet of amount of excavation by kilometers or survey stakes
  • Bill of quantities

The following is developed at the stage of working documentation:

  • Road grading plan
  • Earthworks cut and fill table (if necessary)
  • Working diameters
  • Layout
  • Working drawing of road furniture elements
  • Specifications